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Who Can't Use REVITIVE Ultrasound

Contraindications SymbolREVITIVE Ultrasound Should Not Be...

  • Used for the treatment of malignancy (application over a tumour)
  • Used on the skin over metal implants, including pacemakers or other electronic implants
  • Used on an infected or bleeding area
  • Used on the skin over vascular abnormalities (such as haemangioma, capillary, lymphatic, arterial or arterio-venous malformations)
  • Used directly on the abdomen of pregnant women
  • Applied directly over active epiphysis regions (growth plates) or over the eyes, skull or testes
  • Used over open wounds
  • Used by individuals who do not comprehend the instructions for application

Contraindications SymbolUse only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.