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Free shipping on orders over $50 


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The ultrasound certainly gives me relief when my arthritis flares up and also now I am recovering from foot surgery. It means less need for physiotherapy visits.

Barbara, Caloundra
9 out of 10

I suffer from reoccurring shoulder pain and migraines, it is an essential part of my pain management. It is so compact I can take it with me everywhere.

Michelle, Gladstone
9 out of 10

I have been using it regularly on my tennis elbow. I really notice when I don't use it that the pain is worse!

Jennifer, Melbourne
10 out of 10

Anybody suffering from back pain muscle strains and sprains really should get out there and buy one of these amazing tools. I was sceptical at first about investing in my Revitive Ultrasound but without a doubt I can honestly say it definitely relieves pain without taking painkillers or drugs. I visit a chiropractor regularly but I always come back to my Revitive Ultrasound to relieve my lower back pain. It means I can actually put my shoes and socks without any discomfort after using Revitive Ultrasound. My son has had some motor mishaps and injured wrists and legs. My daughter has had some injuries from horses. Luckily not at the same time! I loaned them both my Revitive Ultrasound and they found it that good, they both went off and purchased one each. I can highly recommend it and I'm pretty dammed hard to please.

Michael, Denman
8 out of 10

I bought this to treat my arthritis in my thumb and wrist, it can get quite painful and very swollen. I have tried many treatments over the years and have had not had any luck with any of them apart from heavy duty medication which I don't want to take. The specialist has told me the joint is down to bone rubbing on bone. After feeling quite desperate last year I used the device for approximately 2 months and my arthritis seemed to greatly improve. The swelling decreased and the pain eased (it has now been pain free for about 10 months). At first I wondered if it was just coincidence as at times in the past it has had periods of improvement but having just gone through a winter with no pain or swelling for the first time in many years I have put it down to the treatment from the device. I would say it is definitely worth a try.

Claire, Maylands
9 out of 10

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